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Why choose Blackpool for a Staycation?

Here at Sasco we believe Blackpool to be the ultimate staycation destination. The seaside town of Blackpool is packed with things to do and memories to create. Sasco offers a variety of serviced accommodation across 6 miles of the Queens Promenade so you are never too far from the action. With serviced accommodation in the town centre of Blackpool you are fully immersed into the lively atmosphere or with stays just a short distance away where you can have a relaxing break away from all this vivacious town has to offer.

Planning a staycation with all the family, there is something for everyone in Blackpool!

  • For thrill seekers Blackpool offers The Pleasure Beach, GoKarting and two piers lined with more roller coasters and fairground rides.

  • For wholesome family fun there is Blackpool Zoo, The Sealife Centre The Sandcastle and Madame Tussauds.

  • For performance fans Blackpool has it all! Starting with the two fantastic theatres which often host highly acclaimed touring productions to a Blackpool favourite… Funny Girls, a night which can’t help but make you smile. Blackpool hosts the world championship competitions in the Blackpool Ballroom, where you might just see the next Strictly star! Along the Blackpool Promenade you will be greeted by Cabaret shows which never disappoint and at the Pleasure Beach Ice Rink there is the Hot Ice Show, filled with tricks, excitement and sparkles. This is just a start on all the shows Blackpool has to offer, there truly is something for everyone.

  • For those looking for leisure, Blackpool's Queens promenade is the perfect place to stroll along the seafront, with plenty of benches to have a rest and various different things to see as you walk. Blackpool is also home to a fantastic tram service which can take you all the way to Fleetwood to find great deals at the market or to try the freshly caught fish from the docks in one of the many fantastic fisheries. Alternatively you could jump on a bus to Lytham for another area with a whole host of eateries and the wonderful Lytham Windmill standing proud on the Lytham Green, a perfect spot for a picnic!

  • And for those looking for a wild night out I’m sure you already know Blackpool is the place to be. Starting the night with a cocktail bar is easy with the Blooms Gin Bar on North Pier or the Beach House and Spyglass just on the seafront before you move to a wide range of night clubs to suit each mood, crowd and music preference.

But most importantly, a Blackpool must see attraction for all is the World Famous Blackpool Tower, home to the Blackpool Ballroom, the circus, the walk of faith and so much more. This is an attraction that just can’t be missed.

If all this doesn’t have you sold then imagine walking along the promenade watching the sunset, creating the most enchanting and unique sky you can’t help but state ‘you could be anywhere in the world’. Don’t just take SASCO’s word for it; come and find out why millions of people continue to visit this vibrant and charming seaside town.

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