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SASCO’s vision is to ensure that your time as a landlord is as hands off as possible. SASCO is there to take care of your property through all aspects of running a successful Serviced Accommodation. This includes managing all bookings, check in’s, organising the thorough cleaning between every stay, organising packages and other extras to ensure guests enjoy their time at your property to the fullest. We deal quickly and efficiently with any issues with either the guests or the property to maintain our high standard and guest satisfaction. The SASCO office operates a 24/7 phone line to manage any issues at any hour for your guests. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. 

Do you have a new project in mind? Then contact us today to start the process. Allow our dedicated and experienced team to turn your ideas into a tangible and successful project.



We constantly have our eyes and ears to the ground always looking for the next best, upcoming and below market value deal for our customers. We will always endeavour to have a selection of deals ready for our investors however if you are looking for a specific property, for example, a Bungalow, Block of Flats or Houses, then we are more than happy to source these specific to you and your budget.


SASCO has a skilled, unique team dedicated to the development of your investment. Our goal is to ensure everything is in place before we start the refurbishment of your property to ensure the efficiency of the project. We are also hands on with the council, working with them to make sure everything is smooth running from the very start!



Our clients are our number one priority and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get the best from their investment. If you have a specific project that requires our wealth of experience, then we are the team for you. Our services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects with a team that are fully qualified in all areas and are ready to provide you with a stress free experience to your vision. SASCO understands that time is money, we aim to give clients a short yet achievable time frame to get all works completed to get your new venture on the market.


A big USP of serviced accommodation is that home from home feeling guests get when staying in one of our properties, even if it is filled with lots of extra luxuries for the guests. From our years of experience we know how best to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere for the guests. We understand how to get the most out of your space to help ensure you get the most out of your investment. SASCO offers a variety of furniture packs you can choose for your apartment, alternatively we can also create a furniture pack from scratch to achieve your vision combined with our knowledge and experience.



When you are at the stage to go live to our systems, our team creates a profile for your apartment to promote over numerous booking platforms and social media sites. SASCO focus is getting you the most bookings as possible and we are linked with groups, companies and sites to push your property all over the country and overseas. We are always looking at new ways to attract guests with special offers in low season to giveaways to gain as much attention as possible. Serviced Accommodation is a fantastic thing to own as it can appeal to so many guests whether it’s for business, social affairs or lifestyle activities, our properties provide a total balance for their intended lifestyle and we aim to target them all.


Once your property is up and running we have a maintenance team on hand to rectify damage caused by guests or to keep on top of any general wear and tear caused by the high footfall of guests. This can be giving the property a fresh coat of paint to maintain the high quality of the property or tightening loose fixtures, no job is too big or too small to keep standards high to continue to gain positive guest experience and reviews. SASCO aims to have everything covered so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Still not fully convinced?




Alexandra Cheston

Managing Director

Alexandra is the Managing Director of Sascouk. Alexandra takes care of the whole entire operation of Sascouk Limited, Sascouk Linen Hire Limited, Sascouk Commercial Cleans Limited, Sascouk Interiors Limited and manages the teams that are in each business. Alexandra’s main focus is communicating with new landlords, bringing them on board and current landlords making sure everything runs smoothly. Alexandra has been working in Serviced Accommodation for a number of years and also has a 2 year background in Residential Letting. Alex’s job description is forever ending as she lives and breathes Sasco. She is never off the clock and is always at your service from just a call away. She would be more than happy to have a call with you to talk you through the depth of what she actually does as this page would go on forever!


Emma Leeming

Cleaning Manager

Emma is the manager for the cleaning team here at SASCO. Emma creates a weekly cleaning rota which is constantly monitored to allow guests extras like early check-ins and late check-outs to keep them satisfied. Emma conducts regular spot checks to ensure cleaner quality meets both yours and our standards. On top of this she will also inform landlords of any wear and tear in the property overtime and will show these in the Whatsapp chat so that they are fully aware of any issues in their SA at all times.


Amy Tudor

Office Manager

Amy is the backbone and in charge of managing the team / office and reports directly to Alexandra, working closely with her to make sure all areas of the team are working to the high standards we expect. From handling the entire onboarding process such as organising property visits, getting properties live on all the different platforms, creating property descriptions, as well as communicating with our channel manager and landlords alike plus much more. She ensures that there is effective communication with every customer, either through her messaging customers directly or delegating the tasks to our receptionists. Amy also keeps on top of all WhatsApp groups to make sure that landlords are happy. Amy will also book in and manage any maintenance needed for SA’s and ensure that all SA’s have all legal requirements like fire certifications. Amy will also overlook all reviews and act on negative ones accordingly.


Madysen Wynd & Dawn Clements


Madysen and Dawn are our team's receptionists. They handle the customer's journey right from the very beginning of their booking, to ensure that all guests are managed well. Providing excellent customer satisfaction through communicating to them and providing the correct check in details. They ensure that damage deposits and any other additional charges or legal requirements (Photo ID) are on our system before the customer arrives at the SA. They also ensure that all landlord occupancy sheets are up-to-date with new bookings and cancellations. They will also push for guest reviews, calling all previous guests that have stayed with us and asking for feedback on their stays. Notifying landlords of both positive and negative reviews. They also handle all third party messages such as airbnb, etc & ensure all guests are satisfied with the service they receive from us from checking in to checking out.


Jonathan Hibbard

Finance Assistant & Linen Manager

Jonathan prepares all of the rent sheets for all SA’s. With this, he creates every invoice from cleans and ensures that landlords are being charged the correct amounts and ensures that any extras are recorded on here as well. Jonathan is forever bringing new and innovative ideas to the team, whilst ensuring all of our procedures and day-to-day runnings are operated with the most time effective solutions. He specialises in our excel spreadsheets, whilst generating the most appropriate algorithms for each spreadsheet that are used day to day by the Sasco team.




Here at Sasco we run a 24 hour phone line. Very different from other management companies, on top of our 09:00-17:00 office hours Monday - Sunday, we run an out of hours emergency phone line where anyone can call for assistance for emergency scenarios or any noise complaints about other guests which helps prevent bad reviews and we can make as many people enjoy their stay as much as possible. We pride ourselves in our effective communication to guests and ability to resolve any problems with speed and ease.


We have a full hands on approach so you don’t have to. The team at SASCO are devoted to doing all they can for you and your guests so the hard work is taken care of. All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your monthly rent to come straight into your bank.


SASCO aims to provide stress free management for our landlords, with a team that are easily contactable to answer any questions you may have and to provide a great service for our guests 24/7. SASCO is truly a step above the rest.


Looking to get started with SASCO, we would be delighted to have you onboard! Please contact the office to get booked in for a meeting. In this meeting we will discuss your property and what you hope to do with it. We will send over relevant comparisons, rent sheets and occupancy sheets and send over what we think we can achieve for your property. You also receive a fully detailed welcome pack which explains in depth each area of the business and the multiple ways in which we can achieve the most for you. Here at SASCO we want all new investors to have as much knowledge as we can provide them with and this is achieved by both figures of properties we manage and our expertise within the SA sector. The initial meeting is charged at £200 +VAT. If you then decide to be our client this will be credited back to you on your first rent sheet with us. 

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