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Is Serviced Accommodation and SASCO the right investment for you?

What are the pros of having Serviced Accommodation over a residential unit?

  • High rental income (up to 3 times the amount of residential income)

  • Apartments are kept in great conditions due to guests having to provide a damage deposit prior to their arrival

  • No risk of any normal AST (tenants not paying rent on time, damaging the property etc)

  • With a high turnover of guests and cleans between every guest, any issues can be brought to your attention immediately and rectified promptly. Opposed to potential having no access to residential units to prevent an issue occurring.

  • Flexible pricing calendar to always be making the most of the space in low, mid and high seasons and on event days in the town.

  • Appeals to long term corporate stays with the flexibility of space and the home-from-home living environment.

  • And overall having a Low Risk and High Return property in your back pocket.

So why do you need SASCO?

SASCO is a managing agency for your serviced apartments. This means we do all the hard work so you can: sit back and relax until you monthly rent enters the bank or gives you the time to find other new and exciting enterprises. Managing a serviced accommodation is a full time job, from guest enquiries on various booking portals, social media accounts and direct enquiries to checking in guests by getting a form of ID from them and their damage deposit prior to sending all the details. But we don’t just stop there; we have guests calling out of hours, 24 hours of the day, and we always have a member of the team there to help them, 365 days of the year. A large portion of our time is committed to marketing your unit for maximum occupancy, meaning maximum income. We understand that if we don't work hard to achieve this for you, we in turn make no money. The SASCO team also organises the deep clean between each stay and the turnover of all the linen which is all organised in-house. We do all we possibly can to continue to maintain high standards and exceed guest expectations, we do this for our landlords and we are committed to continually developing our company in each and every way we can.

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