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What is Serviced Accommodation?

In short, Serviced Accommodation is a self-contained space, fully furnished with all that you could need for a short-term stay. You are provided with all the mod-cons you could possibly need with a fully equipped kitchen, TV’s, comfortable beds and a range of other services.

So what are the advantages of serviced apartments in comparison to hotel rooms? To start with value for money. SA’s are typically cheaper per person per night than a hotel at the similar quality of property, also having the one cleaning price separate, keeps the night's price low if you stay for multiple nights you are just paying for the accommodation and not the cleaning fee added to each night in a hotel. Not only only this they tend to offer you more square footage for your money so you have more space to enjoy this welcoming Serviced Apartment by SASCO

SASCO guests also highlight how having the fully furnished kitchen allows them to continue to save money by making meals in their space as opposed to eating in a hotel restaurant or eating out for each meal of the stay.

All SASCO apartments have FREE and reliable WiFi which in many hotels can be either slow or cost extra to have unlimited access to.

SASCO understands that some guests find it comforting to have a customer services desk for any problems they may have during their stay. This is where SASCO has taken their service to the next level. SASCO offers a 24/7 emergency phone line for all guests who are currently staying in their serviced accommodation so they can relax knowing someone is always there to help if they need it.

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